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10 Tips for a Better Bladder

  • Tip 1: Defend against bladder infections
    • Stay hydrated, wipe front to back, void after sex
  • Tip 2: Avoid Bladder Irritants
    • Caffeine, coffee, tea and soda pop can also increase urine production
    • Acidic foods like tomato or citrus can aggravate irritation
  • Tip 3: Control Your Fluid Intake-neither too much or too little
    • Drink about two 8-ounce glasses at each meal and one 8-ounce glass between meals so you'll end up at the recommended amount of 60 to 64 ounces
    • Highly concentrated urine can irritate the bladder
    • Stop drinking fluids at least 2 hours before going to bed
  • Tip 4: Be Regular-pay attention to the clock with your bladder and bowels
    • Constipation worsens bladder control
  • Tip 5: Lifestyle Matters-maintain a healthy weight, exercise, stop smoking
    • Even a modest amount of weight loss improved bladder control
    • Any type of exercise prevents bladder exercises
    • Stop smoking!
  • Tip 6: Do Kegels the right way
    • The first step is to properly identify the muscle group to be exercised
    • Perform the exercises 3-4 times daily to see results
  • Tip 7: Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor with Therapy and Weights
    • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy often improves control
    • Consider vaginal weights or pressure devices
  • Tip 8: Manage Your Medications
    • Diuretics can worsen bladder control
    • Other medications make it harder to void or get to the bathroom in time
  • Tip 9: Retrain Your Bladder
    • Bladder drills have been proven to improve bladder control
  • Tip 10: Be Alert
    • Bladder control issues can be the first sign of serious medical problems such as diabetes or nerve problems

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