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Giving birth is an exciting event filled with anticipation and joy. The all-female team of physicians at the Center for Women’s Health in Castle Rock, Colorado, educate, encourage, and support mothers and their families as they go through the birthing process. Call or schedule an appointment to learn about the delivery options at the Center for Women’s Health.

Delivery Q&A

What types of deliveries are there?

The experienced physicians at the Center for Women’s Health work diligently to make sure you have a safe, calm and well-supported birth. We are happy to welcome the family members you choose to share in your birth experience.

Vaginal delivery

Vaginal childbirth occurs when your baby is delivered naturally (via the birth canal). Although childbirth is a normal process, we at Center for Women’s Health, are here to guide you and your baby safely through the entire process. The birth process is different for every mother: sometimes your water breaks first, sometimes contractions start first. Our doctors are available 24/7 to advise you on the best next steps. The hospitals we admit patients to, Sky Ridge Medical Center and Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, provide beautiful, conveniently located, state-of-the-art facilities for you to give birth. We work closely with the nurses and other staff to assist with your personalized medical care plan.

During childbirth, the doctors at the Center for Women’s Health follow the most up-to-date, evidence-based care guidelines. We discuss your birth preferences with you ahead of time and review your birth plan. After your newborn enters the world, the medical staff encourages skin-to-skin contact with your baby to encourage bonding and to ease him or her into a new world. We allow delayed clamping of the umbilical cord if at all feasible.


A Cesarean section, or C-section, is a surgical procedure that allows a doctor to deliver your baby through an incision in the abdomen. A doctor performs a C-section because vaginal delivery may not be safe for you or your baby.

Your doctor recommends a C-section if she expects or detects complications during childbirth or determines the mother’s or infant’s health is in jeopardy. We, at Center for Women’s Health,always keep you informed about why we recommend a C-section.

Specific reasons for a C-section include the following:

  • Your baby is too large to fit through your pelvis
  • The baby’s position doesn’t allow safe vaginal delivery
  • The baby can’t tolerate the stress of labor
  • Mother’s medical condition
  • Some multiple pregnancies
  • The placenta is partially or totally blocking the cervix

The physicians at the Center for Women’s Health try to make C-sections as similar to natural childbirth by encouraging contact between you and the baby as soon after birth as possible and allowing your support perso (or persons) to attend..

Vaginal Birth after C-Section

Women who’ve previously given birth by C-section may be eligible for vaginal birth after cesarean, depending on their pregnancy health. We carefully review your previous delivery records and your current pregnancy to help you come to a decision on whether attempting a vaginal delivery is the best option for you.

Will I receive pain medication during delivery?

It’s your choice. At Center for Women’s Health we support you if yo opt for noninvasive drug-free methods to manage pain during labor like tub soaks, hydrotherapy, walking,or a birthing ball.

The physicians at Center for Women’s Health also support medication options to make labor pain more tolerable, such as nitrous oxide, IV pain medications or an epidural which are available at the hospital by request.

What happens after I have my baby?

If you choose to breastfeed, the Center for Women’s Health team provides you with the support you need to start nursing your baby within the first hour after birth. At Center for Women’s Health our compassionate and knowledgeable staff provides post-delivery education, to teach you how to care for your baby, and makes answering your questions a top priority.

Call or schedule an appointment online to learn more about childbirth options at Center for Women’s Health.